Design Your Own Clothes

Our NEW option for custom clothing orders takes finding your next favorite piece of clothing to a whole new level.

Do you have a design idea that you would love to see on the site? Let us know!

Here's how it works:
You fill out the form below and enter as much detail as possible regarding the design you want us to create - best would be if you are able to attach a design file with your idea via the form as well (Please try to use the .png format and 4500x5400 px in solution so that your design looks best - Please check the paragraphs in the bottom for more inside info). Kindly keep in mind that we cannot work with design work that infringes existing copyrights and trademarks, so please just send us original artwork.

Should your design idea require work from our side, we will do so and work on the file - kindly give us some time to do so. Depending on the project, this might take several days to complete. Furthermore, we will perform a trademark/copyright check. However, you are accountable for violation of these rights should such arise.

Once our work is done, we will either publish the product on our store for everyone to see, or provide you with a private link for orders/a wholesale quote on your merchandise, if you so specify.



We love working with our customers to create custom orders and designs. We thrive on hearing what people want, and we always appreciate any feedback you have to offer. When you send us an idea for custom clothing, our in-house team of designers can craft a unique design from your request. From there, we can work with you to ensure that you are getting exactly what you’re looking for, including custom options for materials, size, and printing.

With our personalized on-demand printing and high-quality materials, you can trust that you will receive a top-quality finished product. Combine that with our friendly customer service and 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, and putting together a custom clothing order with us can’t be beat!

To begin the custom design and order process, contact us today. Our friendly customer service team is standing by - we look forward to hearing from you!


How to ensure your product design will look great

  • CYMK: While you may design your product using RGB color space, your product will be printed using CYMK. CYMK colorspace is not as wide as RGB; for example, metallics and pastels are difficult to render in CYMK.
  • 300 DPI resolution: Your design needs to be 300 DPI, not a lower resolution image resized to 300 DPI. Resizing will result in a pixelated, blocky print.  
  • Less than 25MB files
  • Design the entire product: You are submitting an 15" x 18" rectangular artwork using our templates; however, you need to consider that your design is being printed on a product Your design should integrate into the product. Generally speaking, you want to avoid a solid rectangle filling the entire printable area. Your design should work with the product. Where possible consider the (blank) product color in your design, by making that color transparent in your artwork.

Artwork sizing and placement

  • While you can certainly use the entire 15" x18" in space, often customers find a print that is 18 inches to be overwhelming. By and large we find that keeping your maximum dimension to 12 inches or less results in higher conversion rates.
  • Be conscious of the placement of design elements and where they would appear in relation to your customer’s anatomy. Remember your designs are printed on men’s, women’s, and kids products.
  • Horizontally center designs visually as well as mathematically. Heavy design elements on one side can make a design feel off balance even if it is mathematically centered.
  • Designs typically do the best when they are placed near the top of the print area.

Types of designs/effects to avoid

  • Designs that look contained within a rectangular block, especially if the design does not incorporate the color of the product (taking a screen capture of a game)
  • Elements that subtly blend into the product color. These can print like a halo with a hard edge. Think how web safe colors have big jumps between colors.
  • Elements with a transparency less than 20% are likely to get lost when printing, or turn out as a solid color.
  • Designs that have a single, large logo as the only element of the design
  • Simple white products